Artist Spotlight: Welcome to the Family! July 20, 2016 15:22

'Bath, Bath, and Candle Moments' is the newest addition to the Hazel Daze family. Out of Staten Island, this wife/husband team produces artisan handcrafted cruelty-free and vegan bath, body and candle products.

They are also inspirational with their innovative marketing. For example:

Prepare A Bomb Shelter:

Lock Bathroom Door, Play Soothing Tunes, Light Scented Candles, Fill Tub With Water.....BOMBS AWAY!

We carry an assortment of these delightfully scented bath bombs. "Midnight in Paris Bath Fizzie," made with Lavender and Chocolate, is our personal favorite. What a combo!

And that's not all. We carry their aromatherapy essential oil roll-ons, that instantly put you in a soothing and serene mindset. 

The body and face butters will make your skin...well... feel like BUTTER! But in a moisturized, silky type of way.

Made with all natural ingredients, all of BBCM's products create beauty for environmentally conscious and ethical people.

Check out this link to see Bath, Body, and Candle Moment's Blog: HERE

Go Green & Live the BaliZen Lifestyle March 16, 2016 13:02

“Green” using only natural, ecologically sustainable materials since 1992, BalizenDirect, formerly known as, Zen Zen Garden & Home, has created a unique line of handmade products for home, garden and body. From Capiz Chandelier Light ShadesBamboo Inlay Salt & Pepper Shakers to Hand Silk Screened Table Napkins their  designs are inspired by the Zen traditions of craftsmanship, simplicity, harmony and the use of natural materials.

Everything is hand-made by village artisans or in their Balizen in-house, fair trade workshop with the smallest carbon footprint they can manage. They utilize, sustain, support and promote traditional, indigenous village handicrafts, so they can be enjoyed by this and future generations. They are involved in sustainable education, re-forestation, organic farming, community empowerment projects and contribute to the GreenSchool Bali scholarship fund. A Fair Trade Federation member, they are planet conscious, and everyone they employ receives a fair living wage with good working conditions.

Doing something positive for the planet has always been the mission of company owner, Andrea Phillips. She continuously works to create a beautiful line of products that are handmade from sustainable materials and all with her personal touch. Andrea and her husband Nyoman live and work in Bali & the USA with their two children. They run the business together with the help of a great team of employees and the wonderful support of customers, friends and family.

From their workshop to your home, go green & live the BaliZen lifestyle with BalizenDirect products that inspire the soul and spirit of your home, garden and body while saving the planet. Shop their designs online or on display at the Hazel Daze Boutique in Fairfield, Connecticut

Looking to Add a Hint of Flair? March 3, 2016 14:28

Hazel Daze Chandelier Earrings A Hint of Flair

After giving birth to her identical twin red-headed girls Sophia and Sydney, Sarah Bowen-Dzilinski quit her job as a kindergarten teacher. Needing an outlet for her creativity, A Hint of Flair was born.

Sarah creates new hand crafted jewelry designs each time her eye catches unique materials. From chandelier earrings to watch face necklaces, her unique designs show off your own creative style with her one-of-a-kind artisan accessories.

Her goal is for you to feel pretty wearing each piece. Shop her jewelry designs online  or on display at the Hazel Daze Boutique in Fairfield, Connecticut. Sarah also creates custom pieces such as "Birthstone" earrings, and "Wire Wrapped Initial" necklaces and takes special orders for Mothers Day, Bridesmaids, or Teacher necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Now eight years old, Sarah’s daughters create their own “Girls Jewelry” for sale at the Hazel Daze Boutique in Fairfield. They are reasonably priced and perfect gifts for girls 8-12 years old. Get your Hint of Flair today!