Opera Sleeves


The Angelrox opera sleeve will keep you feeling cozy and looking elegant. Wear over elbows for a graceful evening look, or scrunch near wrist for a chic glove. Perfect compliment to the rest of the Angelrox collection.

A natural comforting cotton and bamboo rayon stretch jersey, crafted with joy in the USA from sustainable resources. 

Angelrox is a family business which crafts its styles in a historic textile mill in downtown Biddeford Maine. This beautiful collection made from sumptuous organic cotton serves all seasons and allows the skin to breathe making it cozy all the time, for work, play and sleep. Each unique piece is designed to compliment a myriad of sizes, ages, and lifestyles. There are multiple was to wear each piece keeping your comfort in mind. Go from dress to poncho to infinity scarf with just one article of clothing! Perfect for every day and ideal for travel, transition from day to evening, from wellness to formal, and always feel good.

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