Cosmetic Bag - Multi Stripe


Fair Traded in Vietnam, the 'Le Cirque' silk designs boast bold, festive colors that are as much fun to use as they are to give as a gift!

These beautiful bags are made by members of a women's artisan group who support themselves primarily through creating beautiful handcrafts. With these skills, they can earn a steady income, allowing their families a good standard of living and their children the opportunity to attend school.

The artisans meet weekly to share ideas and suggestions regarding working conditions, productivity improvement and pay.

The group also supports and trains disabled women to enable them to earn a decent living, gain self-confidence and retain their dignity.

  • 6.25" x 8" (15.9 x 20.3 cm)
  • Zipper closure at top
  • Zippered inner compartment
  • Made of silk
  • Handmade and fairly traded from Vietnam

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