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86 Post Road, Fairfield, CT 06824

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Our Story:

It all started in February 2012 when my son Peter and I were coming back from the New York Gift Fair. This was his first "buying" trip, for our online store and we found ourselves attracted to many textured, colorful, offbeat products - not ones that I would traditionally buy. The "brick and mortar" idea was born on that train ride. Even the name was created that day. Hazel was my Nanas name on my mom's side, and Daze......well, it complimented the Hazel with the matching Z, but also had a certain feel to it, a play on words and as well as a funky aura.

Still, it was a full-blown fantasy, and was never mentioned again, until one day, on a whim, I popped into a commercial real estate office. Nothing hit the spot or my budget, until a few days later, when I got a call back and was introduced to 86 Post Road, Fairfield, Connecticut across from Vinny's. This space was the former Hookah Lounge, I was told, and had a very colorful background.

 It seemed to fit, and when the first name I saw on the graffiti laden basement wall was the name of my oldest son it just seemed like the right place for Hazel Daze to begin! So, I took the rental and we plunged in. It was a giant undertaking, but also a wonderful challenge. We opened Hazel Daze Boutique in less than a month, on June 8, 2012 stocked with unique and unusual handmade creations, from fun jewelry and cool accessories to imaginative home decor, made by fine artisans in our own backyard and around the globe.

 From the very beginning, we have carried many recycled, repurposed items. We are always on the lookout for funky new stuff. As always, we love to support local artisans. We have grown our group from 3 to now over 40. We also reach out beyond the borders of our home state and represent artists from as far south as Austin TX, and as far west as Seattle, WA.

I want to especially thank my kids, Amelia and Peter Aspinwall. They played the role of muse, sounding board and they were constantly there for me. Their artwork was the inspiration for the Hazel Daze logo. We spent quality time sanding, priming, painting, scrubbing, setting up, pricing, and we had many “discussions” as to how to design the space.

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