Soap Stone Angel


This delightful little handmade angel is a beautiful, spiritual piece that will look great on your mantle or as a treasured home accent.

It is the perfect touchstone to promote good feelings and let someone know that you care. Give them away to spread the love!

Soapstone is a natural rock from Kisii, Kenya. Predominantly a creamy color, there are variations through pinks and beiges and occasionally grey stone occurs. This piece was handmade in Kenya.

Approximately 3" high - each one is unique.

Denur Crafts started in 1994 with a vision: to create a way for unemployed mothers to work in their homes, earn sufficient income to send their children to school and have an acceptable standard of living. Denure Crafts operates as an informal group of women working together to design and construct authentic Kenyan jewelry and other handcraft items. The future of Kenya lies in the education of its children....Your purchase helps make that possible.

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